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Steal the limelight. Gain an edge.

Brazil2Byron presents sleek, sexy and modern styles from the shores of Brazil. You’ll find the latest in beach, sports, lingerie and high luxury fashion. Designed and made in Brazil. 

From chilled streetwear to fierce activewear and sensual shapewear, Brazil2Byron has curated a unique collection to keep you cool when life gets hard. Confidence is attractive. Captivate more than hearts and eyes when you select a piece from our range.

Inspired by the flirtatious soul and love of fiesta in Brazil and combined with the laid-back coastal beachy vibe of Byron Bay, Australia, Brazil2Byron’s curated collection is exciting, comfortable and fun to wear.   

Known worldwide for superior quality stitching, innovative styles and beautiful fabrics and prints, Brazilian fashion manufacturing has earned its reputation for cutting edge activewear and swimwear. You’ll immediately feel the superior quality of the fabrics in the Brazil2Byron collection.

To stand out and be competitive in Brazil, you have to work hard. Brazil2Byron is a collection of the best of Brazil, the ones who’ve risen to the occasion.

We hope you’ll enjoy our selection. Celebrate being you and get ready to take centre stage!

❤ Brazil2Byron